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Stories of Accomplished Ethiopian Women

Welcome to Ethiopian Women Unleashed, a collaboration between the Network of Ethiopian Women’s Associations.

Ethiopian Women Unleashed documents the stories of Ethiopian women of achievement who we hope will serve as inspirational role models for young women and girls growing up in Ethiopia – and all over the world. The women whose profiles we have gathered here have pushed the boundaries of their worlds and have opened possibilities for themselves and others, in many different ways. They come from all kinds of backgrounds, all walks of life, from within Ethiopia and from the diaspora – and all have made a difference to creating more opportunity for Ethiopian women in the future, whether at the level of their family, their community, the country or the world. Some are historical figures and most are contemporary women. All are strong, courageous, and determined, and many are extraordinarily committed to giving back to others. Their stories give a taste of what is in store for Ethiopia and the world when every girl in Ethiopia has the opportunity to unleash her potential.

We hope this is just the beginning of collecting showbox stories of accomplished Ethiopian women. The profiles included here are those whom we were able to identify, to contact, and to interview during the last three years, or, for historical figures, those whom we had time to research. The contemporary women’s stories are based on the information they provided to us in personal interviews designed to solicit information that might be of interest to young women looking forward to their own lives. There are many women whose profiles we know we would like to include who simply were not available during the research period so far and many more whom we have not yet learned about. We will continue to add stories as we collect them.

We invite you as readers to use our Get Involved Page to suggest names of women we should include along with their contact information and a little bit of information about them, by sending us an email. We have researchers ready and waiting to interview and learn from more wonderful women. And we invite anyone interested in helping to conduct interviews with fascinating women to volunteer; interested volunteers should have the ability to listen thoughtfully and to write well in English and Amharic.


Posted on September 18, 2014 By admin